A Simple Guarantee Process
Jessky.com always communicates openly, promptly, with all customers to help them effectively.
We can resolve your issue easily to your satisfaction. For this, please indicate order number, item code and all the steps steps you have already taken to make the item work.
All you need is to contact us and to follow this process.
1.Describe us the problem with videos or photos in the ticket;
2.Jessky.com Reviews your Issue;
3.Jessky.com Provides Solutions;
Please kindly follow the guarantee process above. Only defective items can be returned for a full compensation. If your item needs to be returned, we will provide you a R.M.A form (Return Merchandise Authorization).

30 Days Jessky.com Money Back Guarantee
1. Please contact us according to the guarantee process above.
2. If you are not satisfied with a product because it is faulty, you can send it back to us for a refund within a period of 30 days after you have received it.
3. If the product works but you do not wish to retain it, you can also send it back within a 30 days period for a refund. Shipping fees to return the item(s) will be at the customer's own expense. We can offer a product price refund or exchange the item as long as the customer covers all the shipping fees involved.
Notice: Refunds are only available within a period of 30 days after you have received the product.

3 Months Replacement Guarantee
If a product doesn't work, you can send it back to us for a replacement as long as it is within three months of the purchase date. Shipping fees to return the item(s) to us will be covered fully by the customer.On our side, we will pay the shipping fees to ship the item back to you.

12 Months Repair Guarantee
If the item is more than 3 months old, buyers can still send them back for repair. In this case, the buyer pays all the shipping fees, both to and from Jessky.com. This means that the buyer must pay the shipping fee to us before we send back the item repair. If the buyer has accidentally broken the the item(s) and some components need to be changed, we will charge for the original value of the components. (For example, the screen for a cellphone might cost $20 to $30, and the motherboard for a cellphone $15 to $25).
Note: Damaged or Misused items cannot be refunded.